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List of Educational Plans in the Philippines

We often hear in the Philippines, in the television program perhaps, the phrases that sound like this, “I may not have any property, business, or big money to give to you, and that education is the only bequest I can give. As a parent, I am willing to work hard just to finish your studies.” Probably, the reason why educational plan becomes a trend yet unfortunately, there is bad news of some bankruptcy with the educational plans. However, there are educational plans that are well established and your money investment is secured and here are the lists:

1. Philam Life. They have two educational plan offers: Continue reading

College Scholarship Program of Metrobank

Filipinos are indeed fond of learning. Two years for pre-school, six years for elementary, four years for high school, and four to ten years for college – the base of education could be bitter, devoting years for school and increasing fees as the year level goes up, but the top of education is always sweet. So to give good education but lack funds, there are scholarship program offered as follows by Metrobank: Continue reading

Affordable Summer Fun Activities

Chills late at night, turned off aircon and electric fan is almost over as the wind of summer is getting nearer! What are the things that come to your mind when the heat is on? Here are some of the to-do lists this summer that are affordable.

1. Appreciate the sunset. Of course, that is not the only thing that you have to do. The best way to appreciate sunset is by looking at it near shores like Roxas Boulevard, Manila and dine at the nearest restaurant at Mall of Asia. Of course, if you want to have fresh air, there are beaches at Laiya, Batangas that are very cheap yet white sands will linger in your feet. Laiya White Cove and Virgin Beach Resorts are just the samples.

2. Water Spa. Hearing the word spa Continue reading

Cashout Payment in Nuffnang

This is the third time that I requested for cashout payment in Nuffnang. I installed Nuffnang ads in the mid of 2010 and got my first payment after a year. The minimum cashout payment is Php2,000. That means that you have to reached the minimum threshold before you can actually request for payout. There is an announcement about the plans in payment processing and I think it will be effective next year so to Nuffnang members it is better to be updated.

The payment is in the form of cheque but I emailed their staff if I can receive the payment through my bank account. They replied and thankfully, they granted my request. I sent them my bank account details and after a week they deposited the payment I requested to my bank account.

Nuffnang Payment terms Continue reading

Philippines as fastest-growing Asian economies from April to June 2012

The economy of the Philippines has been evaluated for the second quarter (Q2), from April to June 2012 and the good news is, The Philippines has preserved its position as one of the fastest growing economies in the entire region wherein China ranked first (7.4%), second is Indonesia (6.37), and third is Philippines (5.9%)

The Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan, compared last Q2 of 2011 to Q2 of 2012, a big difference occurred as Philippines only have 3.6% last year which only proves that its economic standing is having a recovery because of improved economic activities. What are these activities that helped Philippines to rise from its breakdown? Continue reading

Sunlife Products and Services

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Incorporated is running here in Philippines since 1895 and today they are offering Life Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Pension Plans, and Mutual Funds. Briefly, I am going to discuss about Education Plans, Pension Plans, and Savings Plans

Savings Plans
It is not important how much you earn, Continue reading

Philamlife Products and Services

There has been lots of financial insurance here in Philippines but the “Anong plano mo? Usap tayo” has been a famous line and sometimes a lead to crack a joke. I don’t want to quibble any longer, I just want to talk about the no. 1 life insurer in the Philippines, that celebrated its 65th Anniversary at Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Philam Life, AIA group Company.

PhilAm Life products & services are Protection, Savings, Retirement, Education, Investments and OFWs so here are some detailed informations of their services.


  • Ages 0 – 65 years old can have PhilAm Savings but for minors, a payor other than the proposed insured is required.
  • Let’s say the minimum face amount you want is P100,000.
  • Annual payment is P31,906 so it means you have to pay P2,660 per month for five years in total of P159,530 which they call the total premium.
  • On the 6th year, all the money that you’ve deposited for the past 5 years can now be gained.
  • Since your face amount is P100,000 and the lump sum endowment is 200%, Continue reading

Popular Multi-level Marketing in the Philippines

From wikipedia, MLM or Multi-level Marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. Let me share to you some of the popular MLM in the Philippines.

Popular Multi-level Marketing in the Philippines

*VMobile Technologies Incorporated. Membership fee of VMobile is P3,988.00 but they also have other packages. Continue reading

Saving money this Holy week

Holy week is a perfect time to save money. While other people are spending too much for their vacation, Holy week is a great time to control too much expenditures.

The main reason is that during Holy week most Catholics observe fasting and abstinence. It is not only about the control in food that we eat but we should keep the week as simple as what Christ  have done in the His time. It would only take one week to control ourselves in spending too much so why not be part of it.

Let us set aside too much happiness and leaisure instead do something worthy by reading, listening or watching all about God’s greatness. Do some kindness by helping and sharing voluntarily. I truly believe that if you give and help unconditionally to the needy person, there will be a huge return. I consider it the biggest investment in life.

Tips in paying loan

Applying for a loan in a credit cooperative is easy and helpful especially to moms like me. It is important to keep a good credit standing when you are a creditor to build a good record of your financial account.

Tips in paying loan Continue reading