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Earnings from extra online activities

Yahoo! This is the first time to earn big from my extra online activities. When I started with my website last 2010, I only aim to learn how websites, html coding,  SEO, web development and internet marketing works and now I am earning from it.  Since blogging is one of the latest and top source  information online,   I  became interested. Honestly, it is not easy to do it because it requires time management and a lot of reading and understanding. I have a regular online job and managing my websites content and settings are part of my leisure and hobby.

In year 2010, I remember I earned Continue reading

My first proof of earnings from Infolinks

Hooray! After more than a year I finally received my first payment from Infolinks as a publisher. At first, I put the links with one of my sites then decided to add it with my other blogs. I have observed that it generate income from my site with high traffic visitors.

The payment that I received is not that big but I am so happy because this earnings will be a great help in the maintenance of my site. Currently, I am finding other ways to earn big from Infolinks and the best thing to do is to create good content. Adding Search Engine Optimization, is another way so visitors can reach your content.

The photo below is the actual proof of earnings that was sent to my Paypal account from Infolinks. Thank you so much Infolinks. Interested? Join Infolinks now.

first earnings from infolinks

first proof of earnings from infolinks

I am looking forward for more cash earnings and investment this year.

Dollar to Philippine Peso Exchange Rate

Yesterday is my first time to convert dollar currency to Philippine Peso this year. I will start monitoring the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange rate for the whole year since some of my extra earnings will be in dollar currency. According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP),  exchange rates are determined on the basis of supply and demand in the foreign exchange market. The market-determination of the exchange rate is consistent with the Government’s commitment to market-oriented reforms and outward-looking strategies of achieving competitiveness through price stability and efficiency.

Dollar-peso exchange rate

Dollar-peso exchange rate, earnings from Google adsense

As of 1/4/2012, one dollar is equivalent to forty three and seventy five eighty ($1:PhP 43.7580). When I checked the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange rate last 1/3/2012, it is $1:PhP43.9) which is higher compared today. At SM money changer, the exchange rate of the dollar-peso is $1-PhP43.35. A valid ID like SSS, Passport, etc. is required if you are going to use the SM money changer service. To know more of the other exchange rates, you may visit Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Exchange rate bulletin.

Banking Experience in the Philippines

Just like most of the people do, when it comes to banking before I created an account I read reviews and ask some people about their experiences with the bank that I am interested. Let me share some of the banking experiences that I have here in the Philippines.

When I started working after college, Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) was my first bank and I think this will be my long engaged bank. I have experience good service from them since day 1 of my banking transactions. Currently, they are improving their financial products and services with the way they manage their customers.

I tried Banco De Oro before and I can say that BDO ATM cards are very accessible at SM Malls. I just don’t want their process when you did not maintain your minimum account balance because they will deduct immediately the interest rate from your deposit. Unlike other banks there is a cycle period which I found longer than that of BDO.

With HSBC, the only thing that I do not wanted is the Php100 charge for classic accounts when depositing money. I have opened an classic account with them since 2006 I think but they implemented a deposit charge of Php100 to classic account holders last year which is not acceptable to me. There are over 7,000 HSBC ATM’s in the Philippines as what was posted on their website but there are few HSBC ATM booth that can be found here in Manila. Usually they are outside the mall. Since I have a classic account there is a deduction when I use my ATM card at different ATM service booth. They encouraged me to upgrade my account to power advantage but I refuse because the minimum maintaining balance is Php100, 000. When it comes to credit card, for me HSBC is the best.

I started using Union bank last year and I am satisfied with their service. The savings account that I use here is good for my eon account. It is used for my Paypal transactions. Whenever I went to their bank, it is not too crowded.

That’s all for now. I still have so many things to share about other banks but I need to rest.

Earn more with your passion

Most people that are happily successful with their career and income have worked hard with passion. If you have passion for something  that your good at then it will turn out to be fulfilling if you explore that passion. If you work with passion, good work comes out naturally. Good work means good pay also.

Like the writer of this blog, she has a passion of sharing her experiences and learning through blogs. She also loves educational toys that is why she started a small business about it. A work done with passion and hard work is like a baking a sweet exciting birthday cake. The outcome is surprisingly wonderful.

How a mommy can save money at home?

I have been a work-at-home mommy since I got married. In the first quarter of being a mommy managing the budget and household activities at home, I can say that its a big adjustment. Sometimes I found myself with no penny at all left in my pocket.

Even if moms were not regularly working in the office, there are many ways on how you can save money at home. Due to economic reasons, most moms nowadays are also working. But still I have learned that even both parents are working, they are still having financial problems.

So, how can a mommy save money at home? The answer is very simple and it is all about budget.

Here are some tips on how mommy can save money at home:

  • Limit the amount of your expenditures based on your family income.
  • Always make a list before going to the grocery or wet market.
  • When making a grocery list, always start with basic needs or the top necessities.
  • Plan  your meal budget for the whole week at least a week in advance.
  • If you have left over foods like meat, try to re-cook it with vegetables or other food combination for your next meal.
  • You can have extra savings if you buy in bulk or wholesale.
  • It is better to prepare different meals at home instead of dining out and ordering on food delivery.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. Prepare meals based on the fruits and vegetables in season.
  • Use the natural sun lighting in the morning to conserve energy and lower your electric bill.
  • Designate 20% savings from your family monthly income.
Here are some of the tips that I have been doing and it really worked.