Affordable Summer Fun Activities

Chills late at night, turned off aircon and electric fan is almost over as the wind of summer is getting nearer! What are the things that come to your mind when the heat is on? Here are some of the to-do lists this summer that are affordable.

1. Appreciate the sunset. Of course, that is not the only thing that you have to do. The best way to appreciate sunset is by looking at it near shores like Roxas Boulevard, Manila and dine at the nearest restaurant at Mall of Asia. Of course, if you want to have fresh air, there are beaches at Laiya, Batangas that are very cheap yet white sands will linger in your feet. Laiya White Cove and Virgin Beach Resorts are just the samples.

2. Water Spa. Hearing the word spa seems intimidating with the price but Ace Water Spa offers just good enough for your tired muscles be relaxed through the force of water.

3. Swimming Lesson. How would you enjoy the water activities when you lack confidence in plunging to the deepest? So, this summer take the advantage to let the water be your best friend! Akiko Thomson School and Bert Lozada Swim School aresome of the famous swimming schools. Send your kids to the nearest swimming school!

Those are just some of the activities where you don’t need to let thousands out in your pocket just to enjoy. Boracay, Hongkong, Puerto Princesa, the experience maybe superb, but let us not forget the thought that what makes an experience unforgettable is when simple things turned great, right? So, shades and goggles on!


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