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Sunlife Products and Services

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Incorporated is running here in Philippines since 1895 and today they are offering Life Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Pension Plans, and Mutual Funds. Briefly, I am going to discuss about Education Plans, Pension Plans, and Savings Plans

Savings Plans
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Philamlife Products and Services

There has been lots of financial insurance here in Philippines but the “Anong plano mo? Usap tayo” has been a famous line and sometimes a lead to crack a joke. I don’t want to quibble any longer, I just want to talk about the no. 1 life insurer in the Philippines, that celebrated its 65th Anniversary at Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Philam Life, AIA group Company.

PhilAm Life products & services are Protection, Savings, Retirement, Education, Investments and OFWs so here are some detailed informations of their services.


  • Ages 0 – 65 years old can have PhilAm Savings but for minors, a payor other than the proposed insured is required.
  • Let’s say the minimum face amount you want is P100,000.
  • Annual payment is P31,906 so it means you have to pay P2,660 per month for five years in total of P159,530 which they call the total premium.
  • On the 6th year, all the money that you’ve deposited for the past 5 years can now be gained.
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Personal Accident Insurance Specialist Hiscox

When You Need Personal Accident Insurance.

Accidents happen. They’re a fact of life. But what would happen if you broke a bone due to a fall, or was injured playing sport? Who would pay the bills? Having an accident could mean serious financial considerations. That’s why you simply can’t afford to not have personal accident insurance.

There are three main types of policy for personal accident insurance:

  • Accidental injury – This will cover expenses resulting from accidental injury such as a broken bone and usually covers day-to-day living expenses due to you not being able to work.
  • Accidental death – A lump sum is made available to your dependants in the event of your death. A less expensive alternative to life insurance for young people who are healthy and more likely to die as a result of an accident than illness.
  • Disability – If you are injured to the extent you cannot work again, this cover will ensure you get a monthly allowance.

The personal accident insurance specialist Hiscox can help you find the right cover.

What are your needs?

Deciding what type of cover you need will largely depend on your current financial circumstances.

  • Are you the breadwinner in your family?
  • Do you have savings?
  • Do you have other insurance, such as medical or life cover?
  • Are there activities that you partake in that could result in injury or death?

Talk to the personal accident insurance specialist Hiscox

The best way to get the right type of personal accident cover is to do your research and then talk to professional specialist in personal accident insurance such as Hiscox. There, you’ll find people who have dealt with people just like you and can point your in the right direction when it comes to the cover you need.