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The budget in home improvement

March 2013 – This is the month when we started to do the budget for our home improvement. Before we’ve decided with our home improvement plans make sure that as parents we support and agreed with our decision. Continue reading

Dollar exchange rate at SM mall

The dollar- Philippine exchange rate today (3/1/12) is 42.722000. In western union branch usually dollar- Philippine exchange rate is lower so if you are receiving dollar money choose to receive the dollar then look for the money changer that has higher conversion.

At SM mall, today the dollar- Philippine exchange rate is 42.50 compared to Western Union branch in Caloocan city that is 41.52.  If you are going to use the currency exchange services in SM, you should bring a valid ID such as passport, SSS, etc.and the serial number of the dollar for exchange is needed to be written on the currency exchange form.

I just noticed that the dollar rate in almost the first quarter of the year is low. I hope it will improve in the following days.

Record your extra income and earnings

If you have extra income and earnings, I highly suggest that you have to make a record. No matter how small or big, we should consider the extra income as blessing and record it because every centavo counts value. When we record the extra income it will inspire us to be more productive.

Keeping a record of the expected income from the work done is ideal especially if you have a target. In business, planning, marketing strategies and implementation are some of the key factors to be successful. Even if you do not have business, being organized and reaching your goal and target in life will bring you life’s attainment.

This is a big year for me. With the demand of my online work and extra online activities. I really need to be well-organized. I started organization with work, extra online activities and also with expected extra earnings.

A good example of doing a record is with the use of a mini notebook. You can also use your smartphone, tablet computer or computer to record. It would be best to do monthly record where you can view the total extra income that you generated. Aside from recording, having a savings bank account is also good to have for keeping your earnings.

Money Luck superstitious belief for new year prosperity

2012 is coming. Everybody is excited and busy to welcome the new year. Most people observe several superstitious beliefs as we approach the coming year. They follow some superstitious belief because they believe that it will bring luck and prosperity for the new year. Let me share some of the money luck superstitious beliefs that we observe at home in welcoming the new year.

money luck superstitious belief for new year

money luck superstitious belief for new year

Money Luck superstitious beliefs for new year: Continue reading