List of Educational Plans in the Philippines

We often hear in the Philippines, in the television program perhaps, the phrases that sound like this, “I may not have any property, business, or big money to give to you, and that education is the only bequest I can give. As a parent, I am willing to work hard just to finish your studies.” Probably, the reason why educational plan becomes a trend yet unfortunately, there is bad news of some bankruptcy with the educational plans. However, there are educational plans that are well established and your money investment is secured and here are the lists:

1. Philam Life. They have two educational plan offers: Bright Future Invest and Bright Future Plus. Bright Future Invest college education fund can have earning potential for as low as P20,000/year while Bright Future Plus increase the payout by 15% of the initial benefit.

2. Sunlife Financial. The plan benefit increases by 20% every year to support the increase of tuitions and you may choose to pay once or by payment periods to 5, 7, 10, 15 or 20 years.

3. HSBC. They have Scholar Protect Plan wherein it guarantees P900,000 in lump sum and as much as P35,000 for 60 months and the monthly premiums is fixed. The payment is auto-charge to your HSBC credit card account.

4. Philplans. The annual installment of Philplans is P102,500 and having P500,000 total education benefit an a graduation gift of at least P250,000.


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