David Consunji, the 5th Billionaire in the Philippines 2012

“If there’s a problem, there must be a solution.” David Consunji.

Came from a middle-class family, a 92-year old David Consunji is ranked by Forbes as the 5th richest man in the Philippines with net worth of $2.7 Billion as of June 2012. Mr. Consunji is the founder and the Chairman of DMCI Holdings, Incorporated specializing in Construction Industry but also holds Semirara Mining Corporation (mining), DMCI-MPI Water Company (Maynilad Water Services), and DMCI Power Corporation (energy).

David Consunji- Filipino Billionaire

David Consunji- Filipino Billionaire, credit:http://mydmcihomesph.blogspot.com

David Consunji was a concrete inspector in Pandacan, Manila in 1954 then he had a contract for two years to build a Coca-Cola plant in Leyte but was able to finish it in 12 months. Without any contentment, Consunji planted durians and pomelos at Davao then undergone with logging as well for the construction. Nobody gave him a capital when he started his business but because of continuous dreaming, and achieving, he was able to save money to put up a business.

Interviewed by Winnie Monsod, Consunji said that to be in a business is uncertain but must have the willingness to take the risk, and to watch your spending as it is not important how much an individual earns, but how much an individual can save. David who is just a simple UP Civil Engineering graduate started from humble beginnings then was able to make things big.

Now, the Tower One and Exchange Plaza in Makati City, and CCP in Manila are two of his masterpiece. He received lots of awards like Civil Engineer Diamond Jubile by UP Alumni Engineers in 1993, and The Outstanding Filipino Awardee for Construction Industry.

He is already 92 years old and all his hardships when he was young are paid off today as he puts action and patience to what he believed in that dreams do come true.


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