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Top three websites that inspired me in blogging

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were part of my online success including my online blogger friends, fellow PMC and of course my readers. Special mention to the top three websites that I will never forget.

  • http://www.macuha.com/ – he is the first blogger who did not snob me with my two simple questions that gives me a break. Well, he is not just a blogger. He is a computer engineering graduate just like me and was able to work before in his field.
  • http://www.brownpinay.com – the one who invited me to join Pinay Mommies Community. Although we are not the same age and she already moved to a different place, she is my ate kababata in our residence community. Brown Pinay’s family and my family were among the good model families in our barangay that were raised by our parents with discipline and all siblings were able to finish studies.
  • http://www.pinaymommies.com – the community that brings mommy bloggers together with the same interest. In this community, there  are many inspirations and sharing that made my blogging life colorful.