Tips in paying loan

Applying for a loan in a credit cooperative is easy and helpful especially to moms like me. It is important to keep a good credit standing when you are a creditor to build a good record of your financial account.

Tips in paying loan

  • Choose the loan due date. To choose the applicable loan due date, it is best to prepare and apply the loan with a target due date.
  • Pay on time to avoid interest charges.
  • Budget your income.  Set the budget for important expenses and bills.
  • Always set a schedule date for your loan payment. It is best if you have a journal or a reminder electronically.
  • Do not overspend. If you have extra money better save it or pay it in advance for the loan.
  • If you already have enough money, pay the remaining balance of your loan so that you can get a rebates.
  • Keep a record of your loan and the receipts.
The tips that I have posted above are effective on my part. As a member of a cooperative, I always pay on time and it resulted to a good credit standing.  If you have a good credit standing, you can maximize your benefit as a member especially in applying for your next loan.


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