The story about tips in making money on business

When I enter my college life more than a decade ago, I have met some successful  businessman. Since I am a working student that depends more on my scholarship, I need to sustain my studies not only with passing grades but financially to submit the required school projects. I was amazed and inspired by the businessmen that I met along the way. I have observed and they shared voluntarily some of their life struggles and secrets about making money.

The first that I met was a woman.  She only stayed at home and have a very simple family. They are making money through their business. The businesswoman was an authorized distributor mainly of woman products like Avon, Tupperware, Triumph, Sundance, Natasha, etc. Almost all products that can be resell through catalogs by authorized distributors are her business. His   husband is a former seaman but then decided to build a business of their own. From this woman I started earning extra money in college. She shared how to be successful on this business. Her business tips about distributors/ re-sellers: If you wanted to be a distributor of any products to be successful you should use the product that you are selling. Its totally true! I use some of the products that I am re-selling and I have notice an increase with my customers during that time. I have used some cosmetics, apparels and shoes. If they inquire about the quality of the product, I can immediately answer them and I can suggest a more relevant product depending on their needs.

The second businessman that I met is a regular government employee. Aside from being a regular employee he has an extra business. He is selling second hand desktop computers, notebooks and printers. My family bought our first computer from him. He introduced me on this kind of business, since according to him I am a smart person that can be easy to deal with. Since I am a computer engineering student, I started to love hardware, software and the like. I sold many second hand laptops and when there is a problem I just bring it to him. In a matter of time, he had taught me where to buy cheap computers and some basic tips to fix computer errors. His business tips about selling computers: You should know where to buy from the  different cheapest suppliers. When you sell computers, you should know the after sales effect and that is the service.  It was a double income from selling the products and doing service when it need some fix. From my earnings there, I started to upgrade and expand my old computer.

When I met the third businessman I was really amazed. He is earning millions. His business was selling brand new and second hand office equipment from the US and providing services to his products. The business tips that he told me is that “You have to invest big capital to earn big income. But before you do that make sure that the products that you will be selling are one of the top in the market.” He said there are many ways to produce big capital. From there, I was inspired and started my own business. It was not big but for a self starter earning an average income as a regular employee that time I was able to come up with an internet cafe. At present my internet cafe business was ended. It is not because of the loss of profit but it is because of the decision on my priorities.

I hope you like the story about making money on business. Think wise, do good business.


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