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This is an infographic of How to Beat Stress at the Office – Hiscox Business Insurance. The tips and techniques in this infographic is not only helpful to beat stress at the office but they are healthy too.

Stay Feeling positive always lead to a good aura and the results are usually good.
How to beat stress at the office Hiscox infographic

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Popular Multi-level Marketing in the Philippines

From wikipedia, MLM or Multi-level Marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. Let me share to you some of the popular MLM in the Philippines.

Popular Multi-level Marketing in the Philippines

*VMobile Technologies Incorporated. Membership fee of VMobile is P3,988.00 but they also have other packages. Continue reading

Personal Accident Insurance Specialist Hiscox

When You Need Personal Accident Insurance.

Accidents happen. They’re a fact of life. But what would happen if you broke a bone due to a fall, or was injured playing sport? Who would pay the bills? Having an accident could mean serious financial considerations. That’s why you simply can’t afford to not have personal accident insurance.

There are three main types of policy for personal accident insurance:

  • Accidental injury – This will cover expenses resulting from accidental injury such as a broken bone and usually covers day-to-day living expenses due to you not being able to work.
  • Accidental death – A lump sum is made available to your dependants in the event of your death. A less expensive alternative to life insurance for young people who are healthy and more likely to die as a result of an accident than illness.
  • Disability – If you are injured to the extent you cannot work again, this cover will ensure you get a monthly allowance.

The personal accident insurance specialist Hiscox can help you find the right cover.

What are your needs?

Deciding what type of cover you need will largely depend on your current financial circumstances.

  • Are you the breadwinner in your family?
  • Do you have savings?
  • Do you have other insurance, such as medical or life cover?
  • Are there activities that you partake in that could result in injury or death?

Talk to the personal accident insurance specialist Hiscox

The best way to get the right type of personal accident cover is to do your research and then talk to professional specialist in personal accident insurance such as Hiscox. There, you’ll find people who have dealt with people just like you and can point your in the right direction when it comes to the cover you need.

SSS Loan condonation: Easiest Way is through Online Application

SSS Loan condonation 2012 was launched last April 2. I was one of the SSS members who wanted to apply for loan condonation. It was almost five years ago when I stopped paying my SSS loan because I turned to be a self-employed individual working from home.

Although I have been very busy and stopped paying the remaining SSS loan, I did not stop paying for my SSS contributions. From employed, I voluntarily pay my SSS contribution as self-employed or voluntary. With the SSS loan condonation program this year, I was able to successfully apply for a loan condonation.

I know most of you are wondering what is the easiest way to apply SSS loan condonation. It is very simple. Before, I thought that I have to go to the SSS branch and wait for the long line. Now you can easily apply SSS loan condonation  online.

How to apply SSS loan condonation online? Application for SSS loan condonation online is so easy to do with these simple steps. Continue reading

British Gas- A company with the future in mind

By 2020, the government aims to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by twenty percent in order to ensure that the country holds on to enough energy supplies to last until a more sustainable source of energy is found.

This new sustainable form of energy will likely arrive in the form of renewable energy sources such as wind power, hydropower and solar power, and while these are already in place in the UK to some extent, gas and electricity companies must guide the general public towards consuming less energy, and making the switch to a more energy conscious lifestyle so that energy from fossil fuels can be phased out gradually.

At British Gas, there are many services already geared up for this purpose, including a devoted customer service team who can talk clients through a range of energy saving options, an expert installation team who ensure that all equipment in customer’s homes meets energy efficiency requirements, and to provide new equipment for monitoring and saving energy, and a creative business solutions team who help businesses make the switch to clean energy before government legislation makes it a necessity.

With all these teams eager to ensure that customers live well and pay less, the company is apt to bring thousands of households smoothly through the green revolution, and is showing signs that it will continue to be a successful company in the future

Google Adsense Payment through Unionbank Western Union Remittance

Finally, I found the easiest way to receive money from my Google Adsense payment from Google Inc western union option . In my recent Google adsense payments, I usually received the money through any Western Union branch here in the Philippines. Using your Unionbank EON account, you can now credit  your western union money to through Unionbank Western Union Remittance.

Unionbank Western Union remittance

Google Adsense Payment through Unionbank Western Union remittance

At first, I was hesitant to do this because there might be extra charges for the process. Before I requested for Unionbank Western Union Remittance to be credited to my Unionbank EON account, I compare first the dollar exchange rate with the nearest Western Unionbranch in my place to the current exchange rate of Unionbank Western Union Remittance. Since the US dollar exchange rate in Unionbank Western Union Remittance is higher, I decided to completely request the credit to my EON account.

How to do the transfer or credit your Google Adsense payment through Unionbank Western Remittance?

  1. Be ready for the important details such as the MCTN, Exact amount of the money,   Name of the sender, Address of the sender and your Unionbank EON account number. Continue reading

Saving money this Holy week

Holy week is a perfect time to save money. While other people are spending too much for their vacation, Holy week is a great time to control too much expenditures.

The main reason is that during Holy week most Catholics observe fasting and abstinence. It is not only about the control in food that we eat but we should keep the week as simple as what Christ  have done in the His time. It would only take one week to control ourselves in spending too much so why not be part of it.

Let us set aside too much happiness and leaisure instead do something worthy by reading, listening or watching all about God’s greatness. Do some kindness by helping and sharing voluntarily. I truly believe that if you give and help unconditionally to the needy person, there will be a huge return. I consider it the biggest investment in life.

Top 10 Richest Persons in the World

Its good to know who are the richest persons in the world. The top 10 world’s richest person are  published by Forbes Magazine 2012.

Top 10 Richest Persons in the World

  1. Carlos Slim Helu– To have a business that relates to communications, certainly your business will boom like a self made millionaire, Carlos Slim Helu, remains in the throne for three consecutive years because of Telmex and America Movil. He has now a networth of $69 billion.
  2. William Gates III– Who would not know this lines, “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”? This dropout student’s net worth is $61 billion for the year 2012 but still, never forgets to help people in India to exterminate polio and continues to lend a hand by their foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  3. Warrenn Buffett – As the owner of American multinational conglomerate holding company – insurance, utility and energy, manufacturing, service and retailing, and other investments,  Buffett’s net worth is $44 billion. A new senate legislation that 30% tax rate should be paid by the wealthiest people than the average people is called the Buffett Rule.
  4. Bernard Arnault – Luxurious goodies like Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy have always been a trendsetter not just for ladies but for men as well and with that, Arnault’s net worth is $41 billion. Among the first three preceding billionaires that are self made billionaire, Arnault inherited the company and continues to grow outside France.
  5. Amancio Ortega –Who would ever believe that the son of a railway worker would make a name in the fashion industry? Yes, you got it right! He is the owner of Zara, the number one retailing store for clothing and accessories. This Spanish businessman’s net worth is $37.5 billion.
  6. Larry Ellison –This 67-year old guy is the owner of Oracle Corporation, the one that specializes in database management systems. By 2007, Oracle had the third largest software revenue after Microsoft and IBM. His net worth is $36 billion.
  7. Eike Batista – As the Brazil’s richest man yet a dropout student like Gates, he owns the OGX Petroleo e Gas. This 55-year old man’s net worth is $30 billion.
  8. Stefan Persson –Hennes and Mauritz AB is a Swedish retail clothing company and have over 2,500 stores in 43 countries. Stefan Persson inherited this business that came from his father, Erling. His net worth is $26 billion.
  9. Lik-Ka shing –The very first Asia’s richest person back in 2007 comes back to the ranking, the chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Limited and Cheung Kong Holdings – the largest operator of container terminals and the world’s largest health and beauty retailer. He know has net worth of $25.5 billion.
  10. Karl Albrecht –The oldest billionaire in this list, Albrecht get to have an idea to own supermarket because of his mother who owns a small grocery store. After, they decided to get it big but with low prices and later the brothers, Theo and Karl, decided to operate the store separately that leads to have Aldi Sud (south), and Aldi Nord (North). Karl’s net worth is $25.4 billion.

List of financial insurance in the Philippines

We do not know what’s ahead in our future, whether good or bad. On the other hand, it is in the nature of every man to feel the security of their future especially when we are holding another life’s responsibility because we feel that we need to protect them and so insurances sprout like mushrooms.

List of financial insurance in the Philippines 

  • Philam Life. The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life) is the largest life insurance company in the Philippines and that they want to attend the financial needs of Filipinos . Life or accident protection, savings, health insurance, investment, OFWs, retirement, or the very famous educational plan, Philam Life would bring us the proper managing of our wealth. The company has obtained several awards proving for their excellence.
  • Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. Continue reading

Insular Life: College Provider and Sure Cash for Kids

Getting your child the best education is a challenge that every parent is willing to take. Quality education is essential in achieving their big dreams in the future. This is why, in the midst of growing financial worries, parents work doubly hard to prepare for their children’s future educational needs.

Family savings may not be enough to cover college tuition fees and other expenses especially with the increasing school expenses every year. Many parents try alternative ways to earn extra income such as putting up small business and taking extra part time jobs.  Some prefer    investing in companies which have made a mark and have a proven track record in the industry, like Insular Life. These are good options to consider in getting profitable investments that offer better returns.

Insular Life remains to be the largest Filipino life insurance  company, celebrating 101 years of unparalleled and continuous service to old and new generation of Filipinos.

Direct Marketing plans 

  • College Provider is a 5-pay educational plan that provides a college cash fund for your child at age 17. It also provides a life insurance benefit for your child equivalent to the college fund until he reaches age 21. On top of this, College Provider has a built-in waiver of premium payments, wherein the policy will be considered fully paid should the parents or the payor meet an untimely death or suffers from total and permanent disability. The policy will then provide a pre-college cash allowance equivalent to 10% of the face amount until age 16 to finance for your child’s elementary and high school education.
  • Sure Cash for Kids is a 5-pay, 15-year savings and investment plan for your child that offers guaranteed yearly cash payouts and lump sum cash benefit with built-in life insurance protection. Yearly cash payouts equivalent to 10% of the maturity value will be given from the end of the 5th policy year to the end of the 14th policy year amounting to 100% of the maturity value. A lump sum cash benefit equivalent to 100% of the maturity value will also be given at the end of the 15th policy year. Your child is also covered with a life insurance protection for 15 years with the face amount increasing to 200% on the 4th policy year up to the 15th policy year.

Saving for your child’s education is a top priority, so preparing for it now can save you from possible financial troubles in the future.  Address your child’s needs today.

For more details on College Provider and Sure Cash for Kids, call Insular Direct at 878-1818 local 5403 or 892-3171 or email then at