Success story behind National Book store

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” – Vincent T. Lombardi

Success story behind National Book store

(Rags to Riches Entrepreneur) 

Socorro Ramos definitely did not have  the lack of will as she was the success behind National Book Store. When she was a child, Mrs. Ramos sold bananas, mangrove roots, nuts, vinegar to help her grandmother in Santa Cruz, Laguna. When she was seven years old, their family moved to Manila to make a living as her widowed mother needed to provide the needs of her six children.

Success story of National Bookstore

Success story of National Bookstore

The teenage days of Socorro were spent being the factory worker and were able to graduate from high school as an honor student. Socorro then became a sales lady at the Goodwill Book Store, then a small shop owned by her brother. With that, she was able to find her future husband named Jose Ramos, the brother of her sister-in-law. Even if the family was against with their relationship, they got married and they put up the first National Book Store at Avenida Rizal, Manila.

Selling of books was nothing during World War II so Socorro decided to venture into buy-and-sell business. She also purchased large quantities of whisky from Japanese. American era came then the American soldiers bought the entire stock of whisky that made Socorro to continue the National Book Store which was fired during American & Japanese wars. After the war, they put up a tent for selling books but unfortunately, it was destroyed by a typhoon in 1948. With such perseverance, they find a space for their business and with great tactics; Socorro bartered her coconut wine to books.

Socorro has three works during the day and the couple packed books at night. The result of their hard work made them to acquire larger space for P400,000+ for instalment and this is now the office of National Bookstore in Avenida Rizal. By now, the couple let their children handle the business.

All of the things she encountered, it all comes to mind. Her idea to put up a small business was combined with right action that made her to gain good results. Remember, entrepreneurs and businessmen were just ordinary people like us but the difference was she never let all her failures bring her down instead she took it as a challenge to have great motivation to make her dream come true.

Mrs. Socorro Ramos’ story was such a brainwave for people who wish to own a business. It’s not bad to have a small business at first, for all big companies begin with the small ones. Start now, and make a big difference later.


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