Tips in paying loan

Applying for a loan in a credit cooperative is easy and helpful especially to moms like me. It is important to keep a good credit standing when you are a creditor to build a good record of your financial account.

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Dollar exchange rate at SM mall

The dollar- Philippine exchange rate today (3/1/12) is 42.722000. In western union branch usually dollar- Philippine exchange rate is lower so if you are receiving dollar money choose to receive the dollar then look for the money changer that has higher conversion.

At SM mall, today the dollar- Philippine exchange rate is 42.50 compared to Western Union branch in Caloocan city that is 41.52.  If you are going to use the currency exchange services in SM, you should bring a valid ID such as passport, SSS, etc.and the serial number of the dollar for exchange is needed to be written on the currency exchange form.

I just noticed that the dollar rate in almost the first quarter of the year is low. I hope it will improve in the following days.

Earnings from extra online activities

Yahoo! This is the first time to earn big from my extra online activities. When I started with my website last 2010, I only aim to learn how websites, html coding,  SEO, web development and internet marketing works and now I am earning from it.  Since blogging is one of the latest and top source  information online,   I  became interested. Honestly, it is not easy to do it because it requires time management and a lot of reading and understanding. I have a regular online job and managing my websites content and settings are part of my leisure and hobby.

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Top three websites that inspired me in blogging

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were part of my online success including my online blogger friends, fellow PMC and of course my readers. Special mention to the top three websites that I will never forget.

  • – he is the first blogger who did not snob me with my two simple questions that gives me a break. Well, he is not just a blogger. He is a computer engineering graduate just like me and was able to work before in his field.
  • – the one who invited me to join Pinay Mommies Community. Although we are not the same age and she already moved to a different place, she is my ate kababata in our residence community. Brown Pinay’s family and my family were among the good model families in our barangay that were raised by our parents with discipline and all siblings were able to finish studies.
  • – the community that brings mommy bloggers together with the same interest. In this community, there  are many inspirations and sharing that made my blogging life colorful.


Record your extra income and earnings

If you have extra income and earnings, I highly suggest that you have to make a record. No matter how small or big, we should consider the extra income as blessing and record it because every centavo counts value. When we record the extra income it will inspire us to be more productive.

Keeping a record of the expected income from the work done is ideal especially if you have a target. In business, planning, marketing strategies and implementation are some of the key factors to be successful. Even if you do not have business, being organized and reaching your goal and target in life will bring you life’s attainment.

This is a big year for me. With the demand of my online work and extra online activities. I really need to be well-organized. I started organization with work, extra online activities and also with expected extra earnings.

A good example of doing a record is with the use of a mini notebook. You can also use your smartphone, tablet computer or computer to record. It would be best to do monthly record where you can view the total extra income that you generated. Aside from recording, having a savings bank account is also good to have for keeping your earnings.

What should you do if you are SSS Self-employed/voluntary members?

When I got married and separated from my employment, I started paying my SSS contribution as voluntary member. The coverage of being a voluntary member takes effect when I resumed payment of contribution. Let me share more details about the coverage of SSS Self-employed/voluntary members. Continue reading

SSS payment deadlines for contributions and member loans

Awareness is important. Most of my articles and posts here aims to help individual awareness. One of the main duties and responsibilities of an SSS member is to pay their monthly share of contributions and ensure that these contributions are remitted to the SSS by their employers.  For self-employed or voluntary members,  you should pay  monthly contributions using SSS Form RS-5 (Contributions Payment Return Form) monthly in accordance with the prescribed schedule.

SSS payment deadlines for contributions and member loans

new sss payment deadlines
New SSS payment deadlines for contributions and member loans

When I stopped my regular office work, I started to update my SSS contribution from employed to voluntary. SSS can be consider as a good investment. As a voluntary member, I prefer to pay quarterly for my SSS contributions. We should know the payment deadlines so our contributions will be updated. To avoid the rush and missing payment contributions, it is best to pay in advance. When you pay directly at SSS bayad center, automatically your payment will be posted within the day.

My first proof of earnings from Infolinks

Hooray! After more than a year I finally received my first payment from Infolinks as a publisher. At first, I put the links with one of my sites then decided to add it with my other blogs. I have observed that it generate income from my site with high traffic visitors.

The payment that I received is not that big but I am so happy because this earnings will be a great help in the maintenance of my site. Currently, I am finding other ways to earn big from Infolinks and the best thing to do is to create good content. Adding Search Engine Optimization, is another way so visitors can reach your content.

The photo below is the actual proof of earnings that was sent to my Paypal account from Infolinks. Thank you so much Infolinks. Interested? Join Infolinks now.

first earnings from infolinks

first proof of earnings from infolinks

I am looking forward for more cash earnings and investment this year.

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Restructuring and Penalty Condonation Program 2012

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Restructuring and Penalty Condonation Program is a special program that aims to assist delinquent borrowers/installment buyers to preserve their properties from foreclosure or cancellation of Contract-to-Sell (CTS) by providing them the opportunity to update or restructure their accounts under affordable terms. The program runs for a limited period only so it is important to avail this special program if you have delinquent loan from Pag-IBIG.

Pag-IBIG housing loan borrowers/installment buyers whose accounts are in arrears for at  least three months may apply for loan restructuring and penalty condonation. The Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Restructuring and  Penalty Condonation program is ongoing until 30 June 2012 so members can already file their applications for loan restructuring and penalty condonation. Applications filed after 30 June 2012 will be processed for loan restructuring but members will no longer qualify for penalty condonation.

There is a down payment required based  on mortgages/installments conditions.

Where to file the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Restructuring and  Penalty Condonation Program application?

  • For NCR accounts, borrowers can file their applications at the Billing and Collection I or II Departments at the 2ndfloor of JELP Business Solutions Building, 409 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
  • Borrowers whose accounts are with Pag-IBIG branch offices in the provinces can file their applications with the branch’s Housing Division.

The borrower has to fill out an application form for Loan Restructuring and Penalty Condonation. Pag-IBIG will also require borrowers who are over 60 years old at point of application and those whose outstanding loan obligation is over P2 million up to P3 million pesos, to accomplish a Health Statement Form.

For more details, you may contact:

Billing and Collection I Department
12th Floor JELP Business Solutions Building 409 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Telephone Numbers 654-7276 or 654-6559

• Billing and Collection II Department
12th Floor JELP Business Solutions Building
409 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Telephone Numbers 654-7241 or 654-7294

• the Pag-IBIG Fund provincial branch nearest you.

You may also contact the pag-IBIG Call Center at 7244244 (Metro Manila), email at, or visit at their website, at