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Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Incorporated is running here in Philippines since 1895 and today they are offering Life Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Pension Plans, and Mutual Funds. Briefly, I am going to discuss about Education Plans, Pension Plans, and Savings Plans

Savings Plans
It is not important how much you earn, but how much you save through your earnings so here are some of the savings insurance of Sun Life.

Sun Acceler8 – a protection and savings product in one
• The insurance coverage and the guaranteed cash benefits hasten over time
• It has 8 years guaranteed paying period wherein it starts at the end of the 8th yr and every two years having a lump sum maturity benefit at the end of 20 years, which means the cash benefit starts at 8% of the Face Amount, increases 2% of the face amount every two years, maximizing up to 20% of Face Amount, then the lump sum maturity benefit with a total to 102% of the Face Amount which will be given after 20 years.
• It has 20 years of life insurance coverage starting at 100% of the Face Amount
• There will be bonus after 8 years and the dividend earnings start on the 9th yr

Sun Dream Achiever – a life insurance and savings in one plus education benefits
• It protects the life of the insured parent or payor for the entire duration making sure that the child can continue his education whatever it takes
• It has short paying period only up to 5 years and the insured can choose when the cash payouts will start from 12 to 17 years after the policy effective date permitting the insured payor to use the cash as high school or college education fees
• It has four annual cash payouts increasing by 15% every year
• The total cash benefit is 100% of the insurance coverage

Educational Plans
Education is an obligation of parents to their youngsters so it is better to plan ahead of their upcoming. Let’s take benefit of the fresh minds for it is in this stage of life where an empty cup should be fill-in with the right attitude to gain brighter future.

• Plans are available for 4, 5, and 7 year courses
• It is your choice to pay only once or extend by 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 years.
• One unit is equal to P1,000.00
• Every year, the cash out will raise up to 20% for visioning the tuition increase in schools
• Benefits are paid in cash directly to you for convenience of choosing what you wanted to do in your own money
• The plan is transferable

Sun Classic and Sun Elite Pension Plan
Because of a body that is weakened by the journey taken, the retirement is the time where an individual got to have more time with himself and enjoy all his fulfilments. Retire with great satisfaction with Sun Life!

• The pension benefit per unit is P10,000.
• It is your choice to pay only once or extend your payment period to 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 years
• Included here is the protection in times of uncertainty

Sun Pension Plus Plan offers dividends wherein you can choose to receive this yearly until the said term, collect it at the end of maturity period, or apply it as payment for the next instalments

For more info regarding this plans, contact a Sun Life at (02) 555-8888 or their call center (632) 849-9888. Their main office is at 2/F Sun Life Centre 5th Avenue corner Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634.


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