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There has been lots of financial insurance here in Philippines but the “Anong plano mo? Usap tayo” has been a famous line and sometimes a lead to crack a joke. I don’t want to quibble any longer, I just want to talk about the no. 1 life insurer in the Philippines, that celebrated its 65th Anniversary at Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Philam Life, AIA group Company.

PhilAm Life products & services are Protection, Savings, Retirement, Education, Investments and OFWs so here are some detailed informations of their services.


  • Ages 0 – 65 years old can have PhilAm Savings but for minors, a payor other than the proposed insured is required.
  • Let’s say the minimum face amount you want is P100,000.
  • Annual payment is P31,906 so it means you have to pay P2,660 per month for five years in total of P159,530 which they call the total premium.
  • On the 6th year, all the money that you’ve deposited for the past 5 years can now be gained.
  • Since your face amount is P100,000 and the lump sum endowment is 200%,

P100,000 * 2 = P200,000.

  • Your lump sum endowment is P200,000 plus a maturity bonus of 20%.

P100,000*.2 = P20,000.

  • Having a total of P220,000


Bright Future Invest

  • Start building your child’s education fund for as low as P20,000 per year.
  • Then choose how long you want to pay, 3, 5, 10 years or until your child is 17 years old.
  • Let’s say you choose until your child gets 17 years old, when he’s already 18, there would be an annual partial withdrawals, for child’s college education for four years.
  • The child is secured until ages 100

Bright Future Plus

  • Anyone can avail Bright Future Plus between 18-55 years old, with a child beneficiary not more than 10 years old.
  • One unit is equal to P1,000 and the minimum number of units for purchase is ten.
  • Yearly, the pay-out will increase by 15% of the initial benefit to prepare you from unavoidable increase of tuition.
  • Choose to pay every 5 years, 10 years or until your child turns 16 years old.
  • Bright Future Plus is a 2 in 1 plan for the security of your child’s education and a security for your own insurance protection.  Your child is also secure even after graduation wherein he can decide if he wants to convert it into insurance protection.


  • This retirement plan is a guaranteed monthly retirement income and insurance plan-in-one and the minimum retirement income is P2,000.
  • It is your choice whether you want to receive your income at the age of 50, 55, 60, or 65.
  • Insurance benefit is equal to 125% of the total premiums paid

For more info regarding this plans, contact a Philam Life Financial Planner at (02) 528-2000 or email them at So what are you waiting for? “Anong plano mo? Usap tayo.”

Definition of Terms

  • Face amount – the amount stated on an insurance policy, to be paid upon maturity.
  • Lump sum – a single payment for the total amount due, as opposed to a series of periodic payments.
  • Endowment insurance – a type of life insurance that is payable to the insured if he is still living on the policy’s maturity date, or to a beneficiary otherwise.
  • Total Premium – the amount to be paid for that time period, which in most cases is a year.

Blog contributor: Janine Daquio


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