Popular Multi-level Marketing in the Philippines

From wikipedia, MLM or Multi-level Marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. Let me share to you some of the popular MLM in the Philippines.

Popular Multi-level Marketing in the Philippines

*VMobile Technologies Incorporated. Membership fee of VMobile is P3,988.00 but they also have other packages. P3,988.00 includes two tarpaulins of prepaid outlet, three sim cards, twenty price list and quick guides, and twenty retailer cards wherein you can sell it for P300.00. You can sell lots of products like Pin Based Cards (online gaming, internet, cellphone & landline, cable TV cards), electronic load, flower delivery and cake delivery thru text, and reloading of MRT access card.

There are five ways to earn in VMobile.
A.) You’ll have 10-15% discount in all your loads.
B.) You’ll have twenty pieces Technouser cards at P250 each. So, P250 multiplied by 20 cards is
equal to P5,000 plus your TechnoUsers can also enjoy their 10-15% discounts for a lifetime.
C.) Group Retail Override wherein you can have 1-2% from all load consumed by your TechnoUsers.
D.) Earn P500 for every endorsement of the business
E.) Pairing Bonus. Every pair on your Team A and Team B will have another P500 bonus. The
fifth way of earning in VMobile is the biggest money maker wherein you can earn as much as
P900,000 monthly.

*Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation. Avail the package for only P7,300 and you can have the package of your choice. (Package A-P). UNO products are for health, beauty and wellness but they also have products like Ayala Gift Certificate and Sodexho Premium Pass accepted at Jollibee, SM Department Store, Robinsons, Executive Optical and etc.

There are six ways to earn in UNO.
A.) Direct selling and enjoy the 50% retail profit when you directly sell UNO products.
B.) Direct sponsoring wherein you can earn P 500 cash plus P 750 worth of Gift Certificate for every package you sell.
C.) Match Sales wherein you need to build two groups. Left Sales Team and Right Sales Team. Every time your account detects one sale in your Left Sales Team balanced with one sale in your Right Sales Team, you will earn P1,500 cash match sales.
D.) Unilevel Bonus where you enjoy rebates in your group sales up to 10th level.
E.) Universal eLoading Business
F.) Stocklist Program wherein you can earn between P 250 – P 450 for every product package sold

*Alliance in Motion Global Incorporated. Pay P7,980.00 for cash and P8,500.00 through credit card payment. You will have five blister packs of C 24/7 Natura-ceuticals, start-up sales kit (video presentation, insurance certificate, scholarship certificate, ID application form, ATM registration form)
and Webpage.

There are six ways to earn
A.) Retailing where you can enjoy 25% lifetime discount on all products
B.) Direct Sponsoring
C.) Match Sales Bonus wherein it is a binary system
D.) Unilevel Sales Bonus
E.) Stairsteps or overriding commission
F.) Royalty Income
*Ways of earning is not elaborated on the website.

*USANA Health Sciences Incorporated – If you want to be part of the company, you need to pay P990.00 for registration and P16,000 for the USANA products wherein you can sell it up to P23,000, with products of food supplement, and etc.

There are six ways of earning in USANA
A.) Retail Sales wherein you can earn a retail profit by selling USANA products to your customers at
the recommended retail prices.
B.) Earn a weekly commission from your customers and the sales volume of your team whether
how many level of referrals or no matter where in the world.
C.) Matching Bonus for all distributors you sponsor. You will receive a match of their commissions
within a specified period of time.
D.) Incentives wherein you will be rewarded with luxury travel, prices, and even extra cash
E.) You’ll have Leadership Bonus as well as much as 3%
F.) You will have also Elite Bonus of 1% if you are one of the top 25 income earners.

Multi-level marketing is indeed a new business to rely on the next future. People are just afraid of trying this kind of business because it is risky to invest and unconventional. However, MLM business is able to produce self-made millionaire or billionaire in a shorter period of time. MLM is not easy money but fast money if you are lucky and patient enough to do this kind of marketing.


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