Google Adsense Payment through Unionbank Western Union Remittance

Finally, I found the easiest way to receive money from my Google Adsense payment from Google Inc western union option . In my recent Google adsense payments, I usually received the money through any Western Union branch here in the Philippines. Using your Unionbank EON account, you can now credit  your western union money to through Unionbank Western Union Remittance.

Unionbank Western Union remittance

Google Adsense Payment through Unionbank Western Union remittance

At first, I was hesitant to do this because there might be extra charges for the process. Before I requested for Unionbank Western Union Remittance to be credited to my Unionbank EON account, I compare first the dollar exchange rate with the nearest Western Unionbranch in my place to the current exchange rate of Unionbank Western Union Remittance. Since the US dollar exchange rate in Unionbank Western Union Remittance is higher, I decided to completely request the credit to my EON account.

How to do the transfer or credit your Google Adsense payment through Unionbank Western Remittance?

  1. Be ready for the important details such as the MCTN, Exact amount of the money,   Name of the sender, Address of the sender and your Unionbank EON account number.
  2. Call 841-8600 then dial 7.
  3. The UnionBank Customer Service Representative will assist you in the Unionbank Western Remittance transaction. You will be asked important account details for your western union remittance and they will also verify your Unionbank EON account.
  4. Within five minutes, the transaction will be completed and you can immediately check your Unionbank EON account that the money was credited.

As of 4/27/12, the US dollar exchange rate of Unionbank Western Union Remittance is $1:Php41.81. There is approximately Php6.00 deduction from the total amount which is said to be the documentary cost of the remittance process.

This is the easiest way to receive money from western union if you have the Unionbank EON account. Less hassle, no need to travel and very convenient to do the transaction in the comfort of your home.


2 Responses to Google Adsense Payment through Unionbank Western Union Remittance

  1. Glad you have successfully tried it! Congratulations!!

    • Thanks Mommy Rubz. I am so happy now that I was able to cash out every two months for my adsense. With Unionbank Western Union Remittance, receiving money is very easy to do.

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