Earnings from extra online activities

Yahoo! This is the first time to earn big from my extra online activities. When I started with my website last 2010, I only aim to learn how websites, html coding,  SEO, web development and internet marketing works and now I am earning from it.  Since blogging is one of the latest and top source  information online,   I  became interested. Honestly, it is not easy to do it because it requires time management and a lot of reading and understanding. I have a regular online job and managing my websites content and settings are part of my leisure and hobby.

In year 2010, I remember I earned approximately $240 for the whole year. Last year 2011, I was not able to record my extra online earnings but I think it reached $500 for the whole year when I tried to compute the payment received from Paypal.

Now my earnings online is a whooping approximately more than $400 in a month. I am so happy that I am picking  the fruits of my hard work. I am more excited and inspired to do my extra online activities. It is not as big compared to other bloggers and website owners but I consider it as “online success” for me. I only do this in my spare time.

This month is another challenge for me. I have been doing another hobby and that is the google challenge. I hope I can do the recommendations they emailed in my spare time.

I just remember what Peter Parker said in Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Because of this online success, I would like to thank this websites in a post “Top three websites that inspired me in blogging”.


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