Record your extra income and earnings

If you have extra income and earnings, I highly suggest that you have to make a record. No matter how small or big, we should consider the extra income as blessing and record it because every centavo counts value. When we record the extra income it will inspire us to be more productive.

Keeping a record of the expected income from the work done is ideal especially if you have a target. In business, planning, marketing strategies and implementation are some of the key factors to be successful. Even if you do not have business, being organized and reaching your goal and target in life will bring you life’s attainment.

This is a big year for me. With the demand of my online work and extra online activities. I really need to be well-organized. I started organization with work, extra online activities and also with expected extra earnings.

A good example of doing a record is with the use of a mini notebook. You can also use your smartphone, tablet computer or computer to record. It would be best to do monthly record where you can view the total extra income that you generated. Aside from recording, having a savings bank account is also good to have for keeping your earnings.


3 responses to “Record your extra income and earnings

  1. this is what im trying to do this year.

  2. i also plan to be more organized this year + keep tabs of my extra income online. it is a good thing my planner has a page especially for this. thanks for sharing….

  3. This is one of my plans this year. I want to see how much I am earning. Last year, I was not able to record it consistently, this year, hopefully, I can. 🙂

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