Preparation for receiving the Google Adsense payment via Western Union

This is going to be my first time to receive my google adsense payment. The payment option that I choose is to receive the payment via Western Union quick cash. I receive an email about the details of my Google Adsense payment last week and now I am planning to pick up the payment at a nearby Western Union branch. It is a walking distance from our home.

Before I go to Western Union, I have read some testimonials about receiving the Google Adsense via Western Union Quick Cash. I should bring at least two valid ID’s such as SSS ID, passport, voter’s ID, etc. Most of the testimonials recommended to receive the money in dollars because the dollar exchange rate in western union is usually low then you can just compare which money changer is higher and you can easily convert it.

Important in picking up your Google Adsense Payment via Western Union:

    • Bring the sender’s information, payment amount, MTCN, and valid government issued IDs.
    • Example of Valid ID’s to bring are the following:Passport
      Driver’s License
      PRC ID
      NBI Clearance
      Postal ID
      Voter’s ID
      GSIS e-Card
      SSS Card
      Senior Citizen’s Card
      OWWA ID
      OFW ID
      Alien Certificate of Registration
      Seaman’s Book
      Firearms License
      School IDs are valid if the student is below 18 years old and if the money was sent by an OFW provided they have a birth certificate and a photo ID.
    • You need to pick up the payment within 35 days or it will be credited back to your account


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