Banking Experience in the Philippines

Just like most of the people do, when it comes to banking before I created an account I read reviews and ask some people about their experiences with the bank that I am interested. Let me share some of the banking experiences that I have here in the Philippines.

When I started working after college, Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) was my first bank and I think this will be my long engaged bank. I have experience good service from them since day 1 of my banking transactions. Currently, they are improving their financial products and services with the way they manage their customers.

I tried Banco De Oro before and I can say that BDO ATM cards are very accessible at SM Malls. I just don’t want their process when you did not maintain your minimum account balance because they will deduct immediately the interest rate from your deposit. Unlike other banks there is a cycle period which I found longer than that of BDO.

With HSBC, the only thing that I do not wanted is the Php100 charge for classic accounts when depositing money. I have opened an classic account with them since 2006 I think but they implemented a deposit charge of Php100 to classic account holders last year which is not acceptable to me. There are over 7,000 HSBC ATM’s in the Philippines as what was posted on their website but there are few HSBC ATM booth that can be found here in Manila. Usually they are outside the mall. Since I have a classic account there is a deduction when I use my ATM card at different ATM service booth. They encouraged me to upgrade my account to power advantage but I refuse because the minimum maintaining balance is Php100, 000. When it comes to credit card, for me HSBC is the best.

I started using Union bank last year and I am satisfied with their service. The savings account that I use here is good for my eon account. It is used for my Paypal transactions. Whenever I went to their bank, it is not too crowded.

That’s all for now. I still have so many things to share about other banks but I need to rest.


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